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2020 Fall Programs

2021 Tryouts


Please complete the following steps for tryouts

STEP 1 Complete CHRVA member registration
  • Register with CHRVA 
  • You will be asked to pay $55 to CHRVA for USAV regular juniors Membership; there is also the option of a 10 day tryout membership for $20 with an upgrade to full membership once you have joined a team
  • Print out the membership card (log in to SportsEngine account and then go to Household).
STEP 2 Register MDJRS 2020-2021 Tryouts Online
  • Click the registration link
  • Create or log in to your account
  • Follow the instructions, fill out all information and pay $60 tryout fee ONLINE. Make sure to check your age definitions as cut off date changed to July 1st.
  • Tryout Fee is not refundable for any reasons
STEP 3 Fill Out All Required Documents
  1. Proof of USAV Jr. Membership (membership card or receipt)
  2. USA Volleyball medical released form
  3. MDJRS Tryout Registration form
All paperworks must be turned in before tryouts!!
1. Drop off at MDJRS sports center or
2. Mail to 14105 Punch Street, Silver Spring, MD 20906


Safety Protocols For Tryouts

Please read carefully and be sure to follow the directions below.

While in the gym

  • Masks must be worn by Players/Coaches/Staffs at ALL TIMES while in the gym
  • All people should maintain social distancing when possible, this includes players during water breaks and in group discussion with coaching staff
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for each court
  • Volleyballs, carts will be sanitized for each tryouts

Check in

  • All required documents (tryout form, medical release form, and USAV membership card) must be turned in or mailed in before tryouts.  No walk ins will be allowed.
  • All players must enter the Suite F door(main door) of the gym and exit the Suite C door of the gym and meet their parents there
  • All players will need to be at the facility 20-30 minutes before the actual tryout time to go through the registration process. 
  • Players waiting to check in will observe the 6’ rule (No parents/guardians may accompany players to check in process)
  • After checking in at the table and receiving their number, players will go to their designed court, keep distance while waiting for the tryout to start. 


  • According to CDC guidelines, no water fountains will be available, so all players should bring enough water. Beverages can also be purchased at concession. 
  • No Spectators during tryouts. All parents/guardians (and other siblings/spectators)  are expected to wait in their cars during the tryout. 
  • Offers will be made during tryouts. If needed, parents will be called in to the gym and talk to the coach. 
  • Each player will receive a note after tryouts to avoid miscommunication. If parents have questions/concerns about the results and need to communicate with the evaluation coach, please let the front desk know and we will try our best to arrange a quick conversation but keep in mind that some coaches are working multiple tryouts and might not be available until a late time. 
If you have more questions about tryouts, please feel free to contact us at

Tryouts FAQ

What if there is a conflict with multiple club tryouts?

Unlike some clubs which will be sending offers through emails after tryouts, our coaches will make offers during tryouts, for this reason, we highly recommend you come to MDJRS tryouts if you have serious interest in our teams or see MDJRS as your preferred club.  

Can I tryout for a different or multiple age groups?

We recommend players trying out for their current age group (2020-2021 Age Definition), if you want to tryout for more than one team, please inform your evaluation coach so they are aware. But you will only receive one Offer Letter.



During the Tryout session players will receive either an Offer Letter or a Waitlist Notice.
  • If you receive an Offer Letter/Commitment Form, you have 72 hours to make your decisions. And if you do not respond within the 72 hour window, we will assume that you are declining the offer and we will then offer your position to the next player on the waitlist.
  • If you are given an Offer and you decide to decline it, please advise us ASAP so your spot can be offered to another player who is interested.
  • If you receive a Waitlist notice you will be contacted in a few days with either an offer to join a team or to let you know that the team rosters are full.Coaches will stay in touch with players until all positions have been filled. You may also contact the team coach. 
  • If you received a waitlist, it does not mean you are guaranteed a spot for the next level team. For example, you attend 15 Open Yellow tryouts and receive a Waitlist, if 15 Regional Black(next level team) is your second option, you should attend Regional tryouts to get an offer,  just so you will have a team to play in case all rosters are filled from 15 Open Yellow. If you only intent to try out for a particular team, then no need to attend the next level tryouts.


Will there be any supplemental tryouts?

We do not have any supplemental tryouts scheduled at this time.  Supplemental tryouts might be held at the discretion of the coaches and depend on how well they fill their rosters. Please keep an eye on our website and social media after primary tryouts.

What Happens after I accept the offer.

Once you accept our offer,  you may not pursue an offer from a different club or team. Per USAV and CHRVA policy, no recruiting contacts shall be made with any players who have committed to another club. 
Coach will contact you about the club/team meeting in November to sign the official contract, meet with your teammates, order uniforms. etc. 

Pre-Tryout clinic will help prepare players for the tryouts as well as give them the opportunity to meet the wonderful people that potentially will be their coaches for the year.  

  • This clinic will be held at Maryland Juniors Sports Center (8221 Preston Court, Jessup, MD 20794).
  • Fees can be paid online while registering, drop off at SportsCenter or mail to 14105 Punch Street, Silver Spring, MD 20906. (Due to limited spots available for each age group, payments needs to be submitted before 10/25/20 to secure your spot).
  • Questions: (Coach Marissa)

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Pre-tryout clinic.


    Welcome to Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club

    Our Mission 

    Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club is non-profit community athletic organization which is under the leadership of Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball Association. MDJRS provides volleyball training to students 10-18 years old, from the DC and Baltimore areas. Our goal is to promote volleyball development for juniors in the area and prepare the young student-athletes to play high school volleyball and beyond.

    Club Philosophy

    First and foremost, Maryland Juniors VBC is an educational organization designed to develop responsible members of society. We believe the underlying values of athletics are fundamental to players' development as athletes, students, and young adults. Although our primary goal is to develop teams that will be competitive in the Chesapeake Region and at the national level, we recognize the most important lessons we teach extend beyond the gym. The value of work ethic and team work are at the heart of everything we teach and emphasize. Here are some examples of things in which we believe:
    • Volleyball should be fun and educational.
    • Everyone must put their own interests second to the needs of the team.
    • There is value in hard work and sacrifice.
    • One should exemplify true sportsmanship.
    • Every time you enter a gym, you should learn something about yourself.
    • Athletics should complement academics.
    • Making your best effort takes courage. Courage is habit-forming.
    • Focus and passion are components of effort

    Serious Athletes

    Maryland Juniors is looking for athletes with strong volleyball skills but more importantly is looking for athletes with high potential (attitude, size, strength, speed). Athletes must commit to 4-6 hours a week of practice and 2-3 tournaments a month. Grades are also important for college play and must be maintained.

    Serious Coaches

    Heavy emphasis is placed on learning fundamental skills correctly as well as volleyball specific conditioning and court sense. This coaching team currently has prepared players for national teams and has taken club teams to nationals.

    Serious Competition

    Teams will be traveling to many of the best tournaments in the nation. This exposes the athlete to a higher level of competition than found in the region and provides the exposure needed to locate the best college program for them.

    MDJRS Response to Covid-19

    Updated May 20th, 2020

    MDJRS Families!

    The safety and health of our athletes, coaches, and families is our top priority. Due to the current Coronavirus situation and the cancellation of the 2020 USAV National Championships, as well as CHRVA Championships, the remainder of the MDJRS season will also be cancelled, for all MDJRS teams. 

    We would like to congratulate the outstanding performance from each one of you!  We also would like to recognize 13 Elite, 14 Elite Black, 16 Elite Black and 17 Elite Black on receiving the USAV Nationals bids. 

    Players will receive a partial refunds of entry fees for those unattended/cancelled tournaments, coaches salary, travel deposit and unused fundraising money. We are currently waiting for entry fee refunds from canceled tournaments, March to May.  As soon as we received those funds, we will issue refunds. Please look for emails via Sports Engine for information and updates.

    Again, thank you so much for being part of the MDJRS family this season!  We appreciate all the effort and hard work from our team reps, chaperones, parents, players and coaches.  We look forward to coming back stronger and healthier next season! 

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

    MDJRS Staffs

    mdjrsvbc Maryland Juniors VBC mdjrsvbc