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2020 Summer Camps

2020 Teams



    Welcome to Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club

    Our Mission 

    Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club is non-profit community athletic organization which is under the leadership of Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball Association. MDJRS provides volleyball training to students 10-18 years old, from the DC and Baltimore areas. Our goal is to promote volleyball development for juniors in the area and prepare the young student-athletes to play high school volleyball and beyond.

    Club Philosophy

    First and foremost, Maryland Juniors VBC is an educational organization designed to develop responsible members of society. We believe the underlying values of athletics are fundamental to players' development as athletes, students, and young adults. Although our primary goal is to develop teams that will be competitive in the Chesapeake Region and at the national level, we recognize the most important lessons we teach extend beyond the gym. The value of work ethic and team work are at the heart of everything we teach and emphasize. Here are some examples of things in which we believe:

    • Volleyball should be fun and educational.
    • Everyone must put their own interests second to the needs of the team.
    • There is value in hard work and sacrifice.
    • One should exemplify true sportsmanship.
    • Every time you enter a gym, you should learn something about yourself.
    • Athletics should complement academics.
    • Making your best effort takes courage. Courage is habit-forming.
    • Focus and passion are components of effort

    Serious Athletes

    Maryland Juniors is looking for athletes with strong volleyball skills but more importantly is looking for athletes with high potential (attitude, size, strength, speed). Athletes must commit to 4-6 hours a week of practice and 2-3 tournaments a month. Grades are also important for college play and must be maintained.

    Serious Coaches

    Heavy emphasis is placed on learning fundamental skills correctly as well as volleyball specific conditioning and court sense. This coaching team currently has prepared players for national teams and has taken club teams to nationals.

    Serious Competition

    Teams will be traveling to many of the best tournaments in the nation. This exposes the athlete to a higher level of competition than found in the region and provides the exposure needed to locate the best college program for them.

    Refund Updates

    Boys Teams

    Processing - each player/parent should received an email via SportsEngine to confirm mailing address for refund

    Regional Teams

    Processing - each player/parent should received an email via SportsEngine to confirm mailing address for refund

    Open Teams

    Pending - waiting for entry fee refunds from NEQ/Philly

    Elite Yellow teams

    Pending - waiting for entry fee refunds from MD Grand Prix/Ocean City, NEQ/Philly and ECC/Pittsburgh

    Elite Black teams

    Pending - waiting for entry fee refunds from NEQ/Philly, Lone Star (17s), ECC/Pittsburgh and JVA/Ohio

    MDJRS Response to Covid-19

    Updated May 20th, 2020

    MDJRS Families!

    The safety and health of our athletes, coaches, and families is our top priority. Due to the current Coronavirus situation and the cancellation of the 2020 USAV National Championships, as well as CHRVA Championships, the remainder of the MDJRS season will also be cancelled, for all MDJRS teams. 

    We would like to congratulate the outstanding performance from each one of you!  We also would like to recognize 13 Elite, 14 Elite Black, 16 Elite Black and 17 Elite Black on receiving the USAV Nationals bids. 

    Players will receive a partial refunds of entry fees for those unattended/cancelled tournaments, coaches salary, travel deposit and unused fundraising money. We are currently waiting for entry fee refunds from canceled tournaments, March to May.  As soon as we received those funds, we will issue refunds. Please look for emails via Sports Engine for information and updates.

    Again, thank you so much for being part of the MDJRS family this season!  We appreciate all the effort and hard work from our team reps, chaperones, parents, players and coaches.  We look forward to coming back stronger and healthier next season! 

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

    MDJRS Staffs

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