16EY won Club Silver Dision at Regionals
15OB took home gold in the silver division at the MVSA Tournament
16OS Won Gold!
16E at 2015 Capitol Hill Classic!
14E Won MDJRS Open Tournament (3/7/15)
16EY won MDJRS 16 under Tournament
15E Won ACPL #1 Tournament
15EB wins Delaware Juniors 15 open invite!
14O won Silver on 3/1/15!
16EB team played the first MDJRS 16 Open tournament on 1/10. The team defeated VA Juniors in 2 at semi final and Brandywine in 3 at final. Congratulations to 16EB for the firs win of the season!
16EB First Win of the season!
Montgomery County All Star Senior Night
15EB Won MDJRS Open Tournament, 2014
15EB Won MDJRS Open Tournament, 2014
Camryn and Carmen were selected to attend the AVCA Under Armour Phenom Program and attended the event at the Volleyball National Championships last week in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They participated in behavioral testing, physical testing and also a talent showcase in front of college coaches. They were able to watch the semi finals and finals of the NCAA volleyball. They also attended the All America game and got to meet several college all americans. Here is a little write up from AVCA. I attached some pictures as well. Camryn was proudly wearing her MDJRS shirt as well. The AVCA Phenom College Preparatory Program is a weekend of events held in conjunction with the AVCA Annual Convention. The AVCA Phenom College Prep Program is an invitation-only event for unsigned Under Armour Watch Listand AVCA Phenom athletes. For 2014, the event will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from December 18 - 21. Participating student-athletes and their parents will attend educational sessions, the Under Armour All-America High School Volleyball Match, NCAA volleyball matches, interact with AVCA Collegiate All-Americans, undergo Volleyball Performance Index (VPI) testing and Athlete Behavioral Profile (ABP), and participate in a Talent Showcase during which athletes demonstrate their skills in front of the 100+ college coaches in attendance.
Carmen and Camryn (16EB) attend AVVA Phenom Program
2014 15 Elite 1st Place in region
17 Elite in 2014
16 Elite made National in 2014
Congratulations to 16 Elite team for winning three gold medals in a row!
Congratulations to 16 Elite team for winning three gold medals in a row!
2007 Summer Camp in Beijing, China
2007 Summer Camp in Beijing, China