What is the mission of MDJRS VBC?

Maryland Juniors Volleyball Club is non-profit community athletic organization which is under the leadership of Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball Association. MDJRS provides volleyball training to students 10-18 years old, from the DC and Baltimore areas. Our goal is to promote volleyball development for juniors in the area and prepare the young student-athletes to play high school volleyball and beyond.

What is the club philosophy?

First and foremost, Maryland Juniors VBC is an educational organization designed to develop responsible members of society. We believe the underlying values of athletics are fundamental to players' development as athletes, students, and young adults. Although our primary goal is to develop teams that will be competitive in the Chesapeake Region and at the national level, we recognize the most important lessons we teach extend beyond the gym. The value of work ethic and team work are at the heart of everything we teach and emphasize. Here are some examples of things in which we believe:

    • Volleyball should be fun and educational.
    • Everyone must put their own interests second to the needs of the team.
    • There is value in hard work and sacrifice.
    • One should exemplify true sportsmanship.
    • Every time you enter a gym, you should learn something about yourself.
    • Athletics should complement academics.
    • Making your best effort takes courage. Courage is habit-forming.
    • Focus and passion are components of effort.

Does the Maryland Juniors organization have interests other than volleyball?

As a club volleyball program, we are preparing players for success as student-athletes.

Student first,athlete second. One of the reasons we have coaches who have played for, or worked with, college programs is to provide role models who understand just how difficult it is to balance academics, sports, family, and social life (yes, social life is important in balance too). When the time comes for choosing a college, we can offer advice for the academic side as well as the athletic side. The emphasis on school does not mean that players are to miss practices or tournaments for academic reasons. The lessons student-athletes must learn include time management, prioritizing, and commitment, so we expect that players will not miss practices or tournaments due to a lack of foresight, a skewed view of necessity, or selfishness. However, we'd rather a player miss a practice and invoke a modest penalty than fail to complete an assignment or miss a family function.


Who are the coaches for MDJRS teams?

MDJRS VBC is very proud of their high profile coaches which includes International pro-team coaches, college coaches, high level D-I college players, & high school coaches. Our coaches have trained players who played for national teams, D-I or other level of college, High School State Championship teams, and many High School varsity teams. Check out our coaches on the web, click on the ABOUT US link.


What Is the Club Teams Structure and playing time for players?

MDJRS VBC has three levels of play:

    • Elite -- Travel the farthest, attend JNQs, and a multi-day tournament at the end of the season. Playing time is strictly earned, teams compete to win. Coaches will make attempts to play everyone but not at the expense of the team. Club dues are paid for instruction at practice, not playing time.
    • Open -- Compete in tournaments throughout the region as well as multi-day tournaments and the end of season multi-day tournament. Playing time is earned and geared toward whole team participation. Club dues are paid primarily for instruction at practice.
    • Regional -- All tournaments are in the Chesapeake Region (MD, DE, and VA). Strong emphasis on fun, teamwork, and fundamentals. Playing time is as equal as possible -- with lots of chances to recover from mistakes.

How long is Club Season and how many practice per week?

The club season will last for 6 months from December 1st to May 31, for most teams. Our 14, 15, 16, and 17 under Elite teams will finish the season by the end of June.

  • Elite and Open teams will practice 3 times a week and Regional teams will practice twice a week each practice is 2 hours.
  • What tournaments will MDJRS teams attend?
  • Elite and Open teams for 12-18 under will attend multi-days travel tournaments; possibilities include, Monument City Classic in Richmond, MDJRS MLK Challenge in Jessup, MD, Capitol Hill Classic in DC, NEQ in Baltimore, Big South in Atlanta, Crossroad Qualifier in Denver, East Coast Championship in Pittsburg, AAU Championship in Orlando, National Championships if qualified, and some local one-day tournaments. Specific tournament schedules can be found on our website.
  • Regional teams will play at local tournaments, as well as a season ending multi-day tournament.


Where will teams practice?

All teams, with the exception of the South teams, will practice at MDJRS Sports Center, the home and training base of MDJRS VBC.

MDJRS Sports Center, 8221 Preston Ct. Jessup, MD 20794

Can a player play other School Sports?

At Maryland Juniors, we believe as long as a player decides to play a school sport, it is up to the player to set her priorities. We expect players will do everything possible to fulfill her commitment to her Maryland Juniors team first. When a player misses an opportunity to practice, she falls behind. This affects performance, thus playing time. Club volleyball is a long season, and there have been many successful, multi-sport athletes.

How can I join a MDJRS team?

MDJRS VBC teams are open to all without regard to race, religious belief, or national origin. However, all players must attend tryout in order to make a team. Tryout information can be found at www.mdjrs.org

What is the club policy for Club Fees, Travel Expenses & Uniform Fees?

Club fees cover coaches' compensation, facility rental, equipment, tournament entry fees, and club administration. Travel expenses and uniform fees will be calculated separately.

Club fees must be paid on time; as scheduled on the signed agreement by a parent. Other arrangements may be made, if approved by the club director.

Travel fees will be calculated for each overnight trip or local multi-day tournaments. Fees include airfare, hotel, car rental, gas, coaches' expenses, and parking fees. Expenses for players, coaches, and chaperones are divided by all players on the team. A player who does not attend a travel tournament is responsible for the coaches' expenses. Travel fees must be paid before travel occurs.

Uniform fees will be paid within the first 15 days of each season.

Refunds of player fees are only available in the case of an injury that occurs at a USVA sanctioned practice or tournament. The amount to be refunded is prorated and must be approved by the club director. Refunds must be requested in writing and must include a statement from the physician. Fund raising money and uniform fees are not refundable.